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Pro-Twist 1-7/16" #10 Plywood - Metal Screws Wafer Head #2 Phillips Zinc Plated

Pro-Twist 1-7/16" #10 Plywood - Metal Screws Wafer Head #2 Phillips Zinc Plated

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Part Number:PWD1017165

Prime Source Pro-Twist Darts #10 x 1-7/16" #2 Phillips - Wafer Head Self Drilling with Wings Zinc Plated


Manufacturer Part # PWD1017165

For attaching up to 5/8" x 3/4" plywood to 18-12 gauge metal.  
Approved for use with all treated lumber.

• Lumber to Metal - ACQ Approved
• 1,000 Hours Salt Spray Tested
• #2 Phillips Head
• Zinc plated

• Self Drilling

Zinc Plated Steel fasteners are suitable where strength and
corrosion resistance are primary considerations.  
Meets ASTM B-117 for salt spray corrosion.
#2 Phillips Wafer Head with Self Drill Wings.
Wings ream holes larger than threads so threads will not engage wood.
Wings break off when they hit steel then threads engage.
Self drilling - creates its own thread when driven into material. 
Designed to drill through plywood and steel.
Length is measured from under the head.
Packaged in a durable, plastic box with latch on lid to reduce spillage.
ACQ compliant for attaching pressure treated lumber.

• Manufactured at ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 approved mills 
• Manufactured in C1004-93 environments
• Meets or exceeds ASTM C-1513
• Carries ICBO evaluation #5454
• Covered under ICC-ES Evaluation Report # ESR-1408

Fasteners specifically designed for demanding exterior applications; use when maximum corrosion-resistance is desired. Zinc plated steel meets ASTM B-117 for salt spray corrosion.
Always check local building code and metal manufacturers' requirements. 

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