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Grip Rite 1-5/8"x8 High Performance Composite Deck Screws - Brown

Grip Rite 1-5/8"x8 High Performance Composite Deck Screws - Brown

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Prime Source Grip Rite 1-5/8" x #8 - Brown High Performance Composite Deck Screws II Self Drilling - T-20 Star Drive


Manufacturer Part # LN158CSB1


For use in PVC trim, poly, composite and capped composite decking and fencing.   


#8 x 1-5/8" Pancake-Head Stainless Steel Star Drive - Brown

High Composite Exterior Screws II

PrimeGuard Plus Lifetime Coating

Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. Rust-oleum®certified.

Cleanly formed T-20 star recess virtually eliminates cam-out.

Type 17 point reduces need to pre-drill and minimizes splitting

Pancake head leaves a smooth finish by reducing over-driving and mushrooming.

Dual thread design pulls fibers down, leaving smooth finish.

Certified Type 305 Stainless Steel alloy meets AISI standards

Packaged in a durable, plastic box with latch on lid to reduce spillage.

Fasteners specifically designed for demanding exterior applications; use when maximum corrosion-resistance is desired. Stainless steel is recommended for cedar and redwood. Always check local building code and wood manufacturers' requirements as the use of stainless steel may be required. 

**Refer to wood manufacturers' instructions, as some pre-drilling may still be required, even with a Type 17 screw point.***

Each box = approx. 150 screws

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